Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OPI Euro Centrale Nail Lacquer Collection

Celebrate the worlds richest sources of creative talent for centuries and especially one of the areas of cultural awakening emerging from this region: fashion. OPI Euro Centrale is a collection of European city based nail lacquers. They include Polka.com, Eurso Euro, Suzi's Hungary Again!, You're such a BudaPest, Can't find my CzechBook, My Paprika is hotter than yours, Hands off Kielbasa?, OY-Another Polish Joke, A Womans Prague-ative, Vant to Bite my Neck?, I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw and My Vampire is Buff. All are 15ml and limited editions.

From £9.95

Buy at http://sbsuk.hostedbyamazon.co.uk/b/2607029031

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